Monday, January 17, 2011

Systems Check ...

Surrender = no 'me' footprint, on/in 'this' moment.
... infinite perfection only asks, that i observe & trust )
... rejoice the vibration !!
... the electric glove !!
>>> it's pure communication with the Divine <<<
... The language of LOVE
!!-fill-IT-!! with gratitude for the knowing.

... i'm A-live !!

Be determined to experience the moment as vibration.
Only through OUR sixth sense (= 5 senses + as Vibration Only) ... is 'Peace of Mind' a Guarantee !!

Vibration experienced as/in Peace of Mind
'IS' the natural "experiential" gateway ...
to the Kingdom of Heaven within, to k-now thyself.

... and 'is' a natural release of DMT ))

i have experienced this many times through meditation ))
... and if i can, so can YOU !! -))

BE DETERMINED ... its worth, "way more than" the effort.
WE need only Be 'witness' !!
... to the mind's C-ravings, I-gnorance, and A-versions
and to Feel the Vibrations over y-OUR whole body )

... <<<OR>>> ...

[["CON-tin-Ue"]] to be a !!-SLAVE-!! to the C-I-A.

{{ the 'tin' man had no h-eart (= EART-h = home)),
""only"" because he BE-Li-eVe-d ...
he had no H-E-ART ... no ho-me
BUT ... it was/IS al-WAY-s t-HERE;
simply be-cause,
>> Home 'is' where the Heart 'IS' << }}

[[ tin brothers B-lost wit-ow't d'em Ho-Meez ]] -))

or, continue being a B-lind SLAVE of my-self.

i do not say these words to hurt YOU/me

It hurts so much,
to see so much misery ...
from OUR 'own hands';
because of OUR 're-actionary minds'
(= non-compassionate media "programed" wishes & desires,
for the all encompassing benefit, of the 'self-elected' few
= dis-harmonious AGENDA)

i Love YOU
i'm finding 'way'(s) to bring YOU more 'energy'
i'm al-most t-here 

... just one last 'PULL' (= LOVE & the Golden Ratio Boost)  
... VS. 'PUSH' (= nature always seeking balance)
... can YOU feel it ? -)

Please help me,
be determined,
... just lean in-to-it with y-OUR {{LoVe in-ten-ti-on}}

Peace Love Light TRUTH
(- ;
; -)

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