StA-IR-wAy to S-EVE-N ... is Hea-veN

(InserT LifE StORy, hErE) = seT of Li-M-it-at-i-ON-S in PlAcE when thE stORy BE-C-a-ME inteRESTinG enOUgh to tell = MiD jaNuARy / 2011
Please attempt to set aside yOUR story,
in (h-ea-[r)-in-G] mINe ...

WE really don't k-nOw who WE are )) 
WE aRE brand new 22 trillion times per second
(= approximate vibrational rate 

of the 'stUff' WE're made up of),
in thIS liGHt ... WE aRE
what WE 'think' WE aRE ... 
maybe ? -))


INtERprAT-i-ON KEY: wORd bREaks + CAPitALiZ-at-i-ON aRE USed so-ME-ti-ME-s to outLinE wORds dynamic MEanINgS = added PerSpEctiVE ))
.. U wIll C ))
iF yOu want to ??

a furTher explanation of

A-S (1-19 = 119 = 1 'in' 19 = 20),
B-S (1 'in' 29 = 30),
C-S (1 'in' 39 = 40),
D-S (1 'in' 49 = 50),
follows ...

C-S: "D-S, how can i BEcoME a D-S ?"

D-S: "Well C-S, WE have CreATed an experiential L-earn-in-g tOOl, and withIN it you are a DS; but, only through "experiencing" a reconnection with your A-S. 

This k-now-ledge will be hidden from you and in increasing lay-ers of dis-t-rAc-t-ion = possiBIlities for choices of separation ))  Your challenge is to find the A-S withIN yOURself.  Your biggest aid will be WI-th-IN the experience itself; BEcAuSE every experience will be a 100% reflection of yOUR pr-o-GrEsS-i-on = iN-P-Ut & oU-tp-Ut ))

(all experiences) + th-in-king (D-EgrE-E of connection with intuition) + Acting (degree of doing the right thing + at the right time + in the right way + the most important, for the right re[A-S]on) = all-ways cur-Rent results = ... every experience is a Me-a-sure-IN-G tOOl, D-E-sign-E-D to de-live-R resUlts faster and faster by outstretching time ... leading towards instant manifestation of thoughts,

... if you get t-here -))"
"LoL ... every Un-iq-uE 'aspect' (C-S) gets t-here ))"

... so everything stops happening at once, to UNder-staND lack, loss, and deAth."

C-S: "Thats impoSSible, i am sOURcE, YoU !! -)) 
... YoU, the UniverSe IS INfINitE InneR-G ! -) 
... deAth is the fairy told to low capacity CS's )) 
LOL )) ... lol ) 
... but, please explain 'this' ti-me to me ?? -))"

D-S: "ah C-S ) ... HoW will WE help you expand & re-pHi-ne yOUR 'capACity' when YoU aRE alREADy full of k-nowINg )) 
... AlthougH, YoU aRE coRReCt;
... with 'tiME' 

yOUR fuLLneSS wiLL BE filteRED and RE-[fin-E]D ... by YoU.  TH-rough ever dee-pen-ing cYcLEs & laYerS of PRess-ur-izED B-S. 
'ti-me' is SimplY, the NOW, stREtcHed out ... )

w-here the 'StREtcH', is y-OUR MEaSURE of ExpEriEncEd SE-pa-RATE-ne-SS ... time will creep by, fly by, or disaapear all together ... the StREtcH (ti-ME) is made through YOU, by you = choices + ob-serve-at-i-on.  When you stretch inside of yOURself 'through' the B-S, you will "feel" your unique connection to the A-S, you are never separate from it. 

All beliefs in the BS ... rather than yOUR own AS<>CS, will REsult in paIN (pa-ne, th-ROUGH), lack, and loss.  The veil provides an infinitely com-P-lex and easily bE-lie-V-Ed (emphasis on past tense), dEniEd, or ig-[(N-(O)-R)]-ed st(O)ry, called the 'pASt' and 'hisTory' ... and after m-anY ExpEriEncEs you will fEEl more comp-E-lled and connected to a belief (and likely one of polarity) of past-future, a personal linear story withIN the INfINitE 'tiME-NOW-LinE'; to both EnhAncE yOUR experience of begINnING<><>endINg and provide a catalyst for GrowTH towards reMEmBE'ring' yOUR AS, to find yOUR D-S withIN (DeStinY=Sup-er-NA-tu-raL) ... all th-roUgh an ill-us-ion of inevitable D[e]A[t]H and nega-ti-vely enerGized by FeaR ... in orDer to proMote a very strong and [Ur[Ge]nt] nEEd for LOVE."

C-S: "What is pain ... and fear ??"

D-S: "U'LL C"

<> <>

DE-liver-ED th-rough me-di[ta]ti-on ...

(ob-serve-able = verify-able)
... mayBE ?? -))
F-OUR leVels of experienced COnc-I-O-US-neSS, from a limited (??) fOURth di-MEnSI-on perspective:

 The FounDAtion of ALL ExperiencE:
#1)= A-S = A-LL "AS" ONE, (w-here "S" = S-piRit, S-soul, Se-NS-eS, S-p-ARK GaP, S-UPer NatURal, the 19/S ...)
... w-here all life is ONE, aLL is LOVE, and all is k-now-N, 
... A-S it I-S, 1-19 it (+) 9-19 = 1038 = 03 in 18 = 21 = U, you 
... the essence of existence.
... Universal constant

The DefaulT S-et-T-in-G of ExperiencE:
#2)= B-S = L-EARn-INg [2+B'E= 2+2'5 = 2+7 = 9] "S" (tH-roUgh the experience of EVEr inc.REaSING B-S (a test)
(= B.eing - S.eparate = aLL-wAyS a choice) 
= DuaLitY//poLaRitY (likes, dislikes, or ignore-ance = un-aware reACTiONs = replaying the past)
... forced growth ))
Finding the ONEneSS = vibrations (sensations on/in the body = 6/F-eel) only = without judgment (6 th sense)= aware ACTiONs 
= LivinG LifE to tHe B-[ON-E])
... intermittent awareness (default = off & on) = fINdINg OuR wAy ))

TO-war-[D-S] BE-co-MI-ng 'more' reA-li-Zed:
#3)= C-S = YoU/me/WE = COncioUSneSS in "S" 
= CO-creatOR-S of personal experience, made stronger with intention(s) of reGAinINg ONEneSS, with tHe Infinite LovE, Compass-i-oN, Sy-m([p-AT-H]-et-iC) KindneSS & JoY, and pU-Re Equa-ni-mitY ... de-termin-ed aw-are-ness in the Material Life = constant awareness of sensations on the body (aware of existence in this moMEnt = NoW, the only moMEnt we've got)) = aware that WE are both MateriaL & Non-MateriaL BEinGs = giving aWAy everything WE've got ... in the tANk ((infinity !! -)), without expectation ... trusting fully in intuition, in the D-S ))

TO-war-[D-S] BE-co-MI-ng 'more' reA-li-Zed:
#4)= D-S = DiV-IN-E UnITY COncioUSneSS = DiVinE LOVE + liGHt + inTELLiGenCE = OriGinAL CreatOR(S) of ALL thE InneR-G (= the A-S), that suPPorTS EVEryTHinG, 
including the sOURcE//CreatIon of OUR LifE S-p-ARK and hOLDer + BEholdER OUR DeStinY.
... eternal sOURcE awareness, infinite creation capabilities, and LOVE WisDOm 
... a F-ou-nt-ai-N taPPed IN-to the spring etERNal
... a reCOnNEct with the 'or-I-gi-N-al' InfINitY !! -))

... ... ...

... well, what do yOu TH-i-NK ??

HerE aRe so-me thINgs to coNsideR:
S-tron-G UnderstandinG of HerE NoW
... in short, what ? = the QuesT-i-ON ))
... still not sure ? -)

WhY listen, wHy read ... this IS IT !!
... the LA-DD-ER eFF-ECt !! -))
ThE BiO-logi-cal FloW-er ... of UnPr-ED-i-CT-aBlE ))

NO-tHiNg bUt LOVE,
a GrebBeaR

PeAcE LOVE liGht TrutH
(- ;
; -)

ps ... enJOY tHe Pro-C-esS,
... dOWn ThE [W]-H(O)L-[E]
... RE-m-EM-b-ER ! -))