Monday, January 17, 2011

PHI<>R-in-g UP the Engine = IN-f 'in-it-Energy ))

... can go (on average) 28 days without food before systematic failure; but, WE can only go 2 days without water.  Add to this thinking, the human body is 70-80% water and the brain is 92-96% water ... so, water is (must BE = observably verifiable) 14 times "more important" than the food WE eat on a daily basis, and 1110% "more important" than food, for 'overall' health.

Making water ('observably') liquid energy.

... and one of the "most important" elements in con-ducting energy ?
... copper.

It is said, "energy can not be Created, nor, Destroyed."
... and WE k-now that there is such thing as energy ?? LOL ))
This means, ALL the energy that ever 'was' and ALL the energy that ever 'will be' 


It is also said, "every Action creates/generates an equal and opposite re-Action."
... couldn't WE then create/generate an "Action", that creates/generates a re-Action ... that creates/generates the "Action", again and again ??

What would support an energetic system, such as this ?

OUR technology base is largely 'explosive' (= takes more and more energy to go faster and faster = [E=MC squared] ... simply stated, as WE get farther from the center, WE're making bigger laps)

BUT ... WE are experiencing duality.

So, an alternative technology base would be one of 'implosive' power (= takes less and less energy to go faster and faster = [E=M divided by the square root of C] ... simply stated, as WE get closer to the center, WE're making shorter laps)

So, how do WE energize water ?
... WE use implosion ! -)
= Natures gentle (us-all-y) IN-f 'in-it-Energy ))

... and what kind of benefits can WE expect ?
... and how are these effects being delivered ?

i hope that 'YOU' can see my thinking ? -))
... because, i'm not joking about FLYing.

... launching very soon, come learn how to FLY ))

i hope this helps ? -)

Peace Love Light TRUTH
(- ;
; -)

ps ... all the storms WE're experiencing around the globe 

... could they not be Ma Nature 'energizing' the plan-ET for the B-I-G shift ?

Systems Check ...

Surrender = no 'me' footprint, on/in 'this' moment.
... infinite perfection only asks, that i observe & trust )
... rejoice the vibration !!
... the electric glove !!
>>> it's pure communication with the Divine <<<
... The language of LOVE
!!-fill-IT-!! with gratitude for the knowing.

... i'm A-live !!

Be determined to experience the moment as vibration.
Only through OUR sixth sense (= 5 senses + as Vibration Only) ... is 'Peace of Mind' a Guarantee !!

Vibration experienced as/in Peace of Mind
'IS' the natural "experiential" gateway ...
to the Kingdom of Heaven within, to k-now thyself.

... and 'is' a natural release of DMT ))

i have experienced this many times through meditation ))
... and if i can, so can YOU !! -))

BE DETERMINED ... its worth, "way more than" the effort.
WE need only Be 'witness' !!
... to the mind's C-ravings, I-gnorance, and A-versions
and to Feel the Vibrations over y-OUR whole body )

... <<<OR>>> ...

[["CON-tin-Ue"]] to be a !!-SLAVE-!! to the C-I-A.

{{ the 'tin' man had no h-eart (= EART-h = home)),
""only"" because he BE-Li-eVe-d ...
he had no H-E-ART ... no ho-me
BUT ... it was/IS al-WAY-s t-HERE;
simply be-cause,
>> Home 'is' where the Heart 'IS' << }}

[[ tin brothers B-lost wit-ow't d'em Ho-Meez ]] -))

or, continue being a B-lind SLAVE of my-self.

i do not say these words to hurt YOU/me

It hurts so much,
to see so much misery ...
from OUR 'own hands';
because of OUR 're-actionary minds'
(= non-compassionate media "programed" wishes & desires,
for the all encompassing benefit, of the 'self-elected' few
= dis-harmonious AGENDA)

i Love YOU
i'm finding 'way'(s) to bring YOU more 'energy'
i'm al-most t-here 

... just one last 'PULL' (= LOVE & the Golden Ratio Boost)  
... VS. 'PUSH' (= nature always seeking balance)
... can YOU feel it ? -)

Please help me,
be determined,
... just lean in-to-it with y-OUR {{LoVe in-ten-ti-on}}

Peace Love Light TRUTH
(- ;
; -)