Sunday, February 1, 2015

LivinG the INfiniTE 1+1 = 3 ))

Hi )

i trUst tHIs heLL-O fINd-s yOu WEll ? -))

LifE doesn't co-me with an in-sTr-U-cTi-on man-ual and I.D.
... nor, a serial # tattooed to OUR asses-s ))) 

... the rules, laws, virtues, morals, habits, and systems WE live BY are chosen BY US ... 
EitheR by defAult = lack of awareness
... or, TH-ROUGH CHOICE !! - ))

HoW m-any perspective "regulators" are WE currently living & abiding BY, that are "LESS THAN" fully understood, pers-on-ally re-searched ... and/or questioned ?? 

CaN WE be Open to the idea, that our un-iq-ue per-spEct-i've IS REGULATING our EXP-erie-NCE ... (see: habits, tendencies, styles = OUR ability to pa-i-nt the WorlD wITh r.O.S.e Co-lor-eD Gla-S-seS)

HappinesS and MiserY are choices tHAt WE make for OURsELF ... and NO amount of OUTsIDE "reASon /nor/ COnditiON" ... will EVER be the "source" of OUR personal HappinesS and/or MiserY !!

toDay, is tHe only DaY of OUR L-IF-E !!

OUR LIFE "IS" perpetually unf-old-Ing, 
ToDaY !! - ))

... th-ROUGH the AmazinG OpporT-UNITY OF NOW, which is ALL-WAYS NEW !! - ))

LivinG this Mo-me-nT, thrOugh a VibrationaL AwarenesS = E-MOtiON-ALL Gu-i-DANCE SYSTEM ... EVERYTHING is made of LOVE and this REALITY "is" easily FOUND thrOugh 'exp-er.I.E.nt-ial' W-is-do-M ... meaning, "belief" in TrutH, and/or garBage ... will not OPEN the gate to the K-in-g-do-M WITHIN ... words DO NOT T-eacH, however  words can in-s-pHi-re US to r-EACH ... ))

EXP-erie-NCE the E-pi-C & BE-AU-TI-FULL cORe self ... and the symmetry of Na-tu-rE "will" reVEal itself UNiqUE(ly) ... to // for YOU )))

(( one small exam-ple ... matheMatics = t-here are only 9/NinE nuMBer-s, all supported by the Z-ER-O ... simple and MIND boggling -))

EXP-erie-NCE (subject to awarEness of) is NOW ... a 'quickening' miRRor, a living reflection of OUR surfing, swimming, ... snorkeling -)) 
OUR BEinG in the current-s of personal BE-lie-FS ...

HOW much of what WE "k-NOW" ((be-LIE-fs)) ... are LIES = NOT serving OUR self ?? - ((
... and, definitely NOT OUR loved ONES -((

= don't rock my boat (.)
... why, are you water soluble ?? - ((

THeSE ThingS aRe NoW BE-yo-ND Que-ST-ioN ...within the experience of me ))

ThE NumBerS (U'n'i-VERSE-ALL LA-n-GUAGE) ALL po-i-nt ((toW-A-Rds)) AS-censi-ON ... 

EverythinG in cREatIOn, is made A-veil-ablE BY & thROUgh an ... 
... (living EnERgY (InneR-G)) ... and "is" r-EACH-able THrouGH VibrationaL AWareneSS = aligNment thROUGH all-oWa-nce )) 

WE have an IN-CRedIB-LE OPPOR-T-UNITY ... here & NOW. 

Ma-KING ThiS l-EVE-l of CreatioN, a TesT ... 
a CoN'T'EsT ))
W-HerE OUR "ONLY" co-M-petion ...
... the BoundarieS = BO-unDle-SS
... the DurATioN = d-ETer-miNE-d uPOn Com-PL-ET-ioN

...  what's the tESt ??
... how do WE 'p-ass' a TE-ST, 
WE are unaware of  ... ??
= LOOK for the EXAM-ple ))

GO with the FloW ...

HoW far D-ow-N the raBBit W-HoL-E ...
C-A-N (w-ILL) WE GO ?? -))

... how "attached" are WE, 
to 'any-TH-ing' <less than> LOVE ??

RealitY is ALL that is NOT ill-us-ion ...
... and, ILL-us-ION is ALL 
... that is NOT LOVE !! - ))

... dirt simple, and incredibly FertilE )) 

LOVE withOUT the need for RE-as-ON(s)
LOVE withOUT the need for COnditiON(s)

... and LOVE will FLOOD IN ))))))))))


ps ... many things have changed since i last posted on this blog, most notably ... clarity and PEACE OF MIND ))
... the P-rim-E MatriX has reVEALed itself to me, and i will BE shaRING it as best i CaN ... the key CODE = 167 )))