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<<< IN-it-I-AL-iz-IN-G co-DE-s = Trans-cend-IN-G MON-KEY MinD >>>


Vibrations ... are the only guarantee in Life.

Vibrations are the Mech-a-nic-s that create 'CHO-I-C-E'
... so, as a result of OUR gaurantee, WE all-ways have 'CHO-I-C-E'

'CHO-I-C-E' = OUR f-EE-l-in-G-s, and OUR ACT-I-ON-S, as result of f-EE-l-IN-G-s.

No one, can 'Ma-K-E' (= Ma/(E-art-H = 13+1 = 4+1 = 5) +11/DiVine Union (E-art-H//Sun) + 5/H-U-Man) US 'fEEl' a certa-in way.  So-me-one can do things 'in ho-pes' of ma-king US fEEl a certa-in way ... but, the 'CHO-I-C-E' is al-way-s OUR's.

So, what cr-E-at-E-s OUR f-EE-l-IN-G-s ?? 
W-here do 'they' co-me from ?
W-Here is OUR 'CHO-I-C-E' in 'auto-Ma-ti-C' E-mot-i-on-s ??

Although i take time and care in the word breaks i use,
(due to their alphabetic order: eg. a-1, b-2, c-3, r-18=9, x-24=6) (and, what leVels in the dia-mon-d these numbers resonate with)

For simple two dimensional clarity ...
the rest of this post i'll try to refrain. ))

{{i'd like to invite you on a journey}}
i will attempt to paint for you a personal 'processing' path,
in hopes of creating a clear understandable perspective,
... a perspective in Peace of Mind Valley ))
... a perspective that  will release the Greatest Secret,
ever told !!
... you can decide after, or 
be-4, ... if you choose to be less than (ignor-ance >= 7), 
what you CAN be = a BeCan ? -)

so please, set aside any assumptions, and or, knowing ...
of what is ... ?
please, simply enjoy the ride ... 
you can certainly 'choose' to keep or discard,
at the end of this 'brisk' walk = A launch )

Consider OUR journey,  a gravitationally desiGned drop down a RabbiT Hole ... and not just any 'raBBit', 
THE 'RI-bb-AT' who/that makes it all possible ))
... the most beautiful HAir of ALL ))

This is ONE hand of Hold'em, 
WE can play the hand, or, 
f-OLD ... ??
fold = 6-Old = falling short of finISHing the hand = not being determined enough to recognize ALL sensations as Vibrations, which is necessary to actiVate the ch-ARK-as.

ONE = NOW = 7 = the essence of the dia-mon-d shows how to get from ONE to the 7, through the MON-KEY MinD,
the NOW KEY in all HU-Mans.

NOW River from Jake Kotze on Vimeo.

... and, since WE can only play one hand, 
WE may as well be 'ALL IN'
... right ?! -)

ps.) LifeHouse = the body & the Life winIN it

... pop culture is full of synchronicities to the wHole ))
ppss.) ... find yOUR inner-G or experience somONEelses 'G'
 'G' = 7 = center of the diaMONd.
... who's 'G' WE might ask ?
Sarah Palin = P-"ALL-IN"
'P' = 16 = 1+6 = 7

... and, if there is only ONE hand, 
it doesn't matter if WE win or lose ??
... its beyond OUR control ?

... what matters then, is how WE play the game ?!
As long as WE're here, WE are still in the game ...
Lets let GO ... and, take a RUN at IT ))


WE are HERE, NOW ... where ever that may be, you are there, as i am here ... simple enough ) 'IS'ness, IS OUR nature ... everything simply IS, whether WE have meaning for it, or not ?? -)) What do WE know about this 'IS, because it IS' (= ISIS) ... and what 'is' the connection to OUR feelings = a LARGE part of the enjoyment, in the joy of being.

... i don't know ?? -))

Lets start with a point ... 
and, OUR determined observation of this moment.
(all-IN<><>the NOW)Now WE see the point expand ... wow, a Universe.
WE arrive within the Universe, here, now ...

Lets throw some paint on the canvass ))

WE can feel that WE have 'arrived' here, with an awareness of previously uploaded/experienced life, filled with limitations, conditions, rules, lack, and loss ... 

Thankfully, WE are also aware of All the beautiful Love filled experiences of excitement and compassion.  From OUR 'just arrived' perspective WE know ALL the previous experiences are only lessons (feathers to help US fly) ... results of how effectively WE were b-ringing more LOVE into the world, for others and for OURselves, ... through others,
= Levity = Higher Vibrations 
... easier to get off the G-round ))

From OUR 'just arrived' perspective, WE know (are consciously aware) that OUR only guarantee is a CHOICE, in how WE  experience the vibrations of Light.  WE can clearly see three options in "choice", to choose from (a TRInity); 
  1. positive (top of the wave = top hat = with the f-l-o-w = service to the creation = empathetic)
  2. negative (bottom of the wave = well = against the w-o-l-f = service to self = sympathetic)
  3. just as Vibration = the w-hole wave = the Divine Kiss = 2^3rd power = 8, and, turned on its side = INfinite IntelliGence that makes reality possible = S-OUR-C-E)

\\ L-O-V-E // ENE-R-GY \\ LI-G-HT // 
 (= the 3-6-9, that makes the positive/\\/negative possible ...
= INfinite INtelliGence = Perfection = IS<><>IS = S-OUR-C-E)
... how do WE get 3-6-9 from a figure eight/infinity ??

... 5 = Hu-Man = happy (+), un-happy (-), and kNOWkINg.

This GraPHIc illustrates OUR three 'choices' = wave top, wave bottom, and the 3-6-9 (s-our-c-e) that holds the choices together. WE will now describe the bottoms as sympathetic (sympathy), and the tops as empathetic (empathy), and the in between, the knowinG (Now KinG) = Gratitude for the Divine Couple (Earth/\/\\/\/Sun) and the amazing "9G9O9D9" that makes it ALL Possible = 1/ONE + 9/N-IN-E = S-OUR-C-E

A Divine Couple (= Feminine + Masculine) Kiss: 
... the creation of Co-nsc-iou-s-ness

... transcendinG  Polarity, by observing the waves 
DIVINE = Dive-IN ... US-E "the Force" 
= understanding polarity][duality ...
means, WE are J-ed-i's ... in training ))
WE just need to "K-Now ThySelf"

"the K-now-in-G = understanding of the intrinsic unity of all life, including  the birthright of every living, sentient being to know itself as a direct expression of Source" 

"Reacquainting OURselves with this ‘physics of spirituality’, the natural, organic union between science and high spirituality, is a powerful step (towards balance), not only in reclaiming our true heritage, but also in understanding our true purpose, within the greater scheme of things."

So, the waves = sympathetic (+/-) empathetic ??
 ... Lets consult a dictionary ))
1. Of, expressing, feeling, or resulting from sympathy: a sympathetic glance.
2. Favorably inclined: not at all sympathetic to her proposal.
3. Agreeably suited to one's disposition or mood; congenial: sympathetic surroundings.
4. Of, relating to, or acting on the sympathetic nervous system: a sympathetic neuron; sympathetic stimulation.
a. Relating to or being vibrations , especially musical tones, produced in one body by energy from a nearby vibrating body and having the same frequency as the vibration of the nearby body.
b. Emitting such vibrations : sympathetic strings.


1. showing empathy or ready comprehension of others' states.
2. the imaginative projection of a subjective state into an object so that the object appears to be infused with it
3. the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another of either the past or present without having the feelings, thoughts, and experience fully communicated in an objectively explicit manner; also : the capacity for this
4. the imaginative ascribing to an object, as a natural object or work of art, feelings or attitudes present in oneself: By means of empathy, a great painting becomes a mirror of the self.

 So what's the difference ??

"People often confuse the words empathy and sympathy. Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another (as in both authors have the skill to make you feel empathy with their heroines), whereas sympathy means feelings of pity and sorrow for someone else’s misfortune"
Empathy = top of the wave = S-ha-ri-n-G = LOVE
Sympathy = bottom of the wave = Self-is-H = FEAR
Sympathy + Empathy = NOW K-IN-G 
= just Vib-Rations

"This is the physics of spiritual identity, where spirituality is not just a concept, not just a vague promise (translation) of something God once said, but a living promise of energies, the natural way energy and consciousness work within a multidimensional system."

The LIGHT Waves (= Source Energy) are always moving in two/2 directions, (... every action creates and equal and opposite re-action) each at 180 degrees (1+8+0 = 9) balance.  In one direction the waves are doubling (empathy = with the flow = LOVE = expansion /\ growth), while at 180 degrees the waves movement are halving (sympathy = against the flow-wolf = FEAR = misery \/ decay).

... see how the two wave pieces (sine waves = 2 & 5) come together to form the boxy figure eight at the bottom ))
... forever expanding and contracting 
... ebb and flow

Finding balance in the KNOWING is achievable with determination; but, first WE must practice Empathy.  Through Gratitude for the 'IS<><>IS'-ness that makes Life possible, WE b-ring OURselves Peace of MinD.  There by increasing OUR capacity for 'giving\/receiving' LOVE  and COmPassion (3-6-9).

So, how do WE practice Empathy ??

Empathy is a choice to obSERVE the creation (= the River of Life = SOURCE), from OUR own 'boat' (unique perspective). 
WE help steer OUR 'boat' with 'choices' and INtuition, and, OUR boat moves as a result of OUR actions (or re-actions) taken or, not taken.  Feelings are OUR compass, showing US how well WE're naviGating ... remember, if WE're here, WE are still in the game ... so, follow OUR ExciteMEnt !!

The River flows moment to moment, presenting all possibilities, for ALL perspectives, at the same ti-me.  An awareness/intelligence, creating the duality/polarity , via the underlying 3-6-9, that makes everything possible.

Think of it like this, w-here Life is the lines on the paper and the 3-6-9 (S-OUR-C-E) is the hand 'drawing' the lines ... OUR 'boat', is the pen ))

Life isn't two dimensional though ... expand: macro scale:

 ... and further: micro scale:

... and what's inside, the plumb line and the spaces inbetween = 3-6-9 = S-OUR-C-E ??

Ok, this is the end of part ONE ))

... WE need to understand this information,
if WE expect the secret to reveal itself to US.

So if you feel like this:

... then, you'll easily see/feel/k-now the secret ))

ONE hint, take the diamond, understand how to get from the top to the 7/s-even within ... NOW, look up from with-IN and k-now the duality, and it (the polarity) falls away (take away the ONE's) ... revealing the greatest piece architecture from antiquity, within the Great Phi-ra-MiD, within the Giza Plateau.

... is it the Phi-RA-MiD with-IN holding the cap stone on ?? 
... the KingDom of Heaven is with-IN.


a GrebBear

Peace Love Light TRUTH
(- ;
; -)

 ps ... i update all posts, as i consider this blog an instruction manual, from one/my perspective.  Please check back and do a quick sweep, from time to time ))

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