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(( CreativE ".V.S." ReceptivE )) ... OUR Em-BOD-i-mE'nt StorY ... how crazy is ThaT !!! - )))


WE G-at-he-R TO-G-et-H-ER … here, NOW
WE ‘aRe’ t-HERE … HomE !!! – )))

… want to ‘turn the LIGHTS on’ ??? – )))

 ALL pieces in "QUOTES", and followed by a date ...
are from the BloG, at the following LINK )))

CaN “YOU” FEEL, and thereFORe … SEE = " C " ?? – ))

 IN-TEN-SIT-Y … = how ‘far’ are “YOU” willing to GO ???

” … “YOU” are in actual fact here to BE here in that physical vehicle, but to transcend BEYOND the limits of that vehicle while ((still residing)) within it.”
– feb.24

= the ‘difference’ BE-t-WE-EN … “B”in-g … and “BE”in-G ))
= WE B-RinG the “E”NerGY to the T-A’b’LE … = E-MotioN )))

BUT … HOW FAR are “YOU” … willing to GO !!!

” … to remind you all that now, “YOU” will be given the task to literally go beyond the limits of your own body as often as possible and in as many instances as “YOU” can devise. For you see, these limitations imposed upon “YOU” by “YOU”r mind are still very much confined to these fleshy boundaries, but unless “YOU” manage to transcend that, “YOU” will still be governed by this small acreage of space allotted to you by way of this vehicle …” … = “YOU”, governed by, “YOU”
– feb. 24

WhaT do “YOU” ‘suppose’ the E.nergY of the U’n’i-VERSE ... 
FEELS like ???
WhaT & HOW do “YOU”, “ALIGN” with ( !!! INFINITY !!! ) ???

Stillness + unCONDITIONal ALLowance = EquanimitY )))

TO “B” …
conscious = ability to perceive SELF = experience of contrast and polarity
= creation ‘by’ default = linear expansion )))

TO “”BE”” …
consciousness = ability to perceive “wITh” FoCuS = experience of Energy, ins-pHi-ration, and PeacE-FULL CLariTY = creation ‘ON’ PurposE !!! – )))
= BE-aU-Ti-FULL Limi-T-lesS EXPansION !!! – )))

” … “YOU”r role is to become the New human, the physical vehicle that may resemble the old one in many ways if “YOU” look at it from a superficial perspective, but who will turn out to be something so vastly different if “YOU” look at it from an energetic perspective.”
-feb. 24

CC’s have “repeatedly” mentioned the ‘need’ to ethically push OUR bodies, to find and let GO of w-ALL-s and barriers … 

” … “YOU” are here to be-CO-me multidimensional beings yet again, but to do so while IN that physical vehicle. For only by being within that physical vehicle can “YOU” manage to manifest all of the changes that need to co-me into being in order to change the “outward appearance” of this entire planet. In other words, “YOU” will change this entire planet only by changing “YOU”, but “YOU” cannot change this planet if “YOU” do not understand ((= have NOT experienced !! -)) the need to be PRESENT ( !!! ) here in a very physical way. And yes, we do mean that in EVERY sense of
"the word" (!!!!! !!!!!) … as awakening literally means being FULLY PRESENT!!!
within “YOU”r body …
within “YOU”r mind …
within “YOU”r energy …
… at (( !!! all times !!! ))
((( !! every way !! )))”
-feb. 24

” … as “YOU” started to connect, your individual signatures began to sing along with those of the others, in a very unique symphony that is unlike anything created anywhere else – again because of your own individual and unique signature “tune” that “YOU” all carry … with “YOU”.”
” … what “YOU” do, ((( no one else can do ))), for only “YOU” can generate that specific “sound” that is being generated …”
– feb. 27

” … “YOU” must l-earn to think beyond the confines of your body and to realize that “YOU”r identity is NOT … in any way connected to this physical vehicle … at ALL. And why is this important? Because everything “YOU” have ever experienced on this planet has been experienced from within such a body, and so, “YOU”r entire identity will hinge upon what “YOU” see when … “YOU” look in the mirror. For to your mind, that IS “YOU” and no one else, but now, “”you must all train yourselves”” to see ((( C ))) beyond that face, those limbs and that corpus and further out – by going all the way “””IN”””. Again, what “YOU” see-k will be with+”in”, but once “YOU” r-each far enough IN, “YOU” will see just how far a reach “YOU” really have. For “YOU” are a truly limitless “BE”in-G, one that has no HomE except for that we cALL “YOU”r HeART. For “YOU”r heart is that single “p-in.P.R.ic-k” of light that is “”set”” to “YOU”r vibration, the one and only thing in existence that carries just that one signature “tune”, and that is where your heart is. For “YOU”r heart “”is a”” ph-OT-on of light, one singularity that was split off from that vast, shimmering ocean of singularities, given the task to “”cASt abOut”” to “see” what would happen once “YOU”r fre(qUe)ncy stARTed to interact with that of all of the other singularities, “YOU” came across on “YOU”r endless jou-R-ney.”
-feb. 24

” … the task this time around is simply this: to finally allow that innermost part of “YOU”, that singularity of light that has no equal no other place in All of creation to come out from hiding so that “YOU” and everyone else around “YOU” can SEE “YOU” in all of “YOU”r glory.”
-feb. 24

” … So stay true to “YOU”, and stay true to “YOU”r (( c-ALL-IN-g )) to let the light begin to shine out from every single part of “YOU”r human being by allowing that one single part of “YOU” that “”IS”” “YOU” to co-me alive again by saying YES to who “YOU” re-ALL-y are, and by embracing the very fullness of “YOU”r being. For when “YOU” do that, “YOU” will feel endless, limitless and borderless, but “YOU” will never ever feel homeless ever again. For then “YOU” will know that HomE is where the HeART is, and the HE-A-RT is where the light simply IS. And NOW, it is time for that light to BE HERE.”
-feb. 24

” … And NOW, “YOU” have no other reason but to be-CO-me the one “YOU” have co-me all this way “TO BE”, and we kNOW “YOU” will all be the ones “YOU” have been destined “TO BE”, “in” a way that will outSHine the SuN and outLast foRevErmOre.”
-mar. 20

Sit PeaceFULLy in meditation, FocuS on ‘the’ FEELinG of NOW.

ALL-oW ALL thought to BE reMINDer … focused on sensation (ENERGY)
ALL-oW ALL feelings to BE reMINDer … evidence of ExistencE !!!
ALL-oW ALL UN-preferred feelings … evidence of limitation(s)
ALL-oW ALL preferred feelings … evidence of attachment(s)


… ‘if’ “YOU” need to stop, do NOT stop FEELING “inside”
… take a short break, and ST-ART A-GAIN !!! – )))

UNTIL “YOU” ((experience)) “YOU” … as LIGHT, non-PHYSICAL.

… this, is the GatEwaY … NOT THE FINAL GOAL.

BUT … once “YOU” have experienced “YOU”r SELF as LighT … )))
… then the ‘jOb’ of “BE”in-G “YOU” … gETs TO BE “VERY FUN” )))))

” …the ones who have taken upon them ….
to go where no man has gone before … ”
-mar. 20

… only clear FOCUS + determination, will grant ExperiencE !!
… and EXPerieNCE, is the ONLY T-each-ER ( . )

” … “YOU” boast not of your achievements, “YOU” merely “ARE” them.”
-mar. 20

SO … are “YOU” HomE YeT ??? – )))

” …there is now a choice to co-me alive once again,
by choosing to see the choice,
and by acting upon it.”
-mar. 20

CaN “YOU” SEE the ChoicE ?? – ))

… NOW “YOU” kNOW HOW to ACT on IT !!! – )))


ps … ” … now, you have no other reason ...
but to become the one you have come all this way to be … ” 
= SO A-WE-SO-ME !!!! – ))))

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