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{{{ IN-te-G-r-at-IN-G KE-Y-S }}}

“How come if there’s a God, he’s so hard to find or how come he hides all the time”. He/she is not the one who is hiding. The divine is everywhere in plain sight, here in the kingdom of the blind." -doG toEP
If YoU were to become aware of an oPPortUNITY, to fiG-U-re oUt what it means to be alive, and all that was required was to GiVe UP 'Material PossEss-I-ON' (= atTACHmeNT), and obSERVE the NOW = ON-L-Y thIS moMEnt, and, ON-L-Y as Vibrations ... 

... could you do it ??

" ... my master has residence within me and nothing happens to me without permission. I am in someone else’s hands at all times and I’ve had more proof of that than writing here."
i'm not ClaIMinG to k-now it all (NOt EVEn CloSe)), to have fiGUred it aLL oUt.  PleaSe don't let me soUnd 'PreachY' or Full of mYSelf ...WE're all on this ride together, and my PerSPective is GoinG throuGh some pROfound (from my PerSPeCtive) evol-U-tion.  i'm COnVinCed anYone Can exPerience a PerSonal (UniqUe = UU = 42/feel the Love) Shift, in examINinG and utILIzinG the diaMONd ... it ALL fits.

The onlY WaY for YOU/ME to get anYw-here 
... is to GO t-here

--->>> OUR choices/actions + OUR state of MinD ... so,
To ProGreSS Passed leVel 5/HuMaN, WE take ONE steP, to leVel 6/Sixth SenSe/Vibrations = WE MUST ExpEriEncE ALL SenSationS as Vibrations ... It takeS GenUine effort and DEterminatiON ...

ALLot of work ... FOr thiS "oNe thi-NG"
Y the third eye ?? ... InneR-G see-in-G

WE never lose anYthinG and WE never lack anything ... WE ExpEriEncE lack and loss through sym-Path-etiC reactions, and to a lesser deGree, through em-Path-etiC vibrations, both of which add up to, self imPosed LimitationS.

Hidden in plain siGht (a really thin line) is the DiVinE sOURcE, that Makes ALL ProCeSSeS PoSSibLE ...
(sUn = God) + (eARTh = YoU/ME)
both, holdinG and OrcheStratinG Life ... the most beautiful mUSiC EVEr WriTTen )) 

Which brinGs US back to the qUeStion,
WoUld YOU tRAde it ALL ... ?
and or, WoUld YOU Give it ALL awaY ... ?
to get to k-now, the DiVinE sOURcE = LOVE ?

What is OUR P-U-rPose in Life ??
Y R WE Here ??

... i don't k-now ?
but, i'm spending all my ti-me trYinG to fiGure it out.
... and sha-rinG as i Go ))

The answer is withIN everythinG
... every Piece contAins the w-hole.
 "This is the unreal world and it hides the real world and that may be its most important purpose. Something immensely powerful is hiding in the wild and difficult to reach places of the world.
... these powers demand self mastery as the prelude to any positive application of their force." -doG TEoP
Lets take another look at EGYPT, 
a recent CeNTer FOr Global aWakENinG ...
... and what about the timinG of the EGYPTiAN ProteStS ?
... notiCe the PentaGrams, a StaR 'and/or' a SYmbol of Satan,
EITHer WaY, a 5/HuMan PointED GeoMEtry, all of whICh ARe withIN or centerED arouND a PoiNT = 5+1 = 6/VibrationS/SiXth SenSe.  
... and, wHat iS tHe PHoENiX about ?
At the CorE of the PHoENiX is a 19 = S = spARK GaP
SP = 19+16 = 35 = 8/INfINitY ... + ARK = H-ARK
GaP = 7+1+16 = 24/X mARK-S the spot = 2+4 = 6/feel LOVE
The phoenix represents the essence of Osiris - all about resurrection. Osiris = Orion = Giza pyramids which are essence extensions of the "Benben Stone," the archetypal/original capstone, closely linked to the "Bennu" bird (bennu and benben stemming from the same root) which is simply the Egyptian phoenix.
Benben Stone = (BE+n)+(BE+n)+(S+TO+ne)
(BE+(7+7)x2)+(S+TO+(7+7)+5) = (BE+(7+7)x2)+(S+TO+19) =
((2+5)+(7+7)x2)+(S+TO+S) = (7+7+7)x2)+(S+TO+S)
(7+7+7)x2) = (21/U)x2 = YoU YoU )) ... or, U2 = 42/Jupiter Love, and the sUm of the bottom three leVels of the diaMONd, = 6/feel LOVE. 
(S+TO+S) = S+20+6+S = S+8+S = S+INFINITY+S
... will make more SenSe, as WE COnTInUe ))
The beNbeN StoNE = 
"YOU, fEElinG the S+INFINITY+S" ... the C-A-PS-to-NE of the PYramID )) 

"One of the biggest and best kept secrets is that we are gods sleeping and there is a whole side to existence that is deeply invested in keeping us sleeping and in a state of controlled dreaming. Then there’s another side that is involved in waking us up. This is the main reason for pissing on human dignity and human potential, while painting us as fucking and fighting meat puppets, strung out on crap, which the very appreciation of, stands as proof that we are hairless apes in polyester with no redeeming qualities. Everybody is waiting to go on stage, while few have put much thought and effort into what they will do once they get there."

Ok, lets get to the heART of the MAttER, remember this:
... what haPPenS wHen WE rotate 180 degrees ??
... notice the 'red' lines (connectinG ALL 2/two number coMbinATiONs THat aDD to 7/s-EVEn), lOOks  like a heART (or, a TranSfORmeR FaCe ))  Also the yellow Y/whY is very important, Y/25 = 7, beCaUSe ..
... a miRRoRed, UP side DOwn 7 is an L and the 2 B's are UP side down 9's (b-b) ... all of which is in INside OUR 'Y' ... let me S-how YoU:
More to come on "JesUS SS" in another post
... reMEmBEr, the dUalitY/Polarity FAlls aWaY wHen WE
obSERVE eqUally (from both SideS of duality/polarity) the 3-6-9 = DiVine SourCe = LOVE, so the rainBOwS were 1/ones (in the 19 & 91).  See the UP side DOwn Y, noW lets sEE wHat eLSe is rEVEalED ??
 1b(=12/L) + b1(=21/U) = 33 = see so much LOVE, YoU fEEl it !!
... so what iS the wHY = Y all about ??
... and,
The female/ReCePtiVe force and male/CrEATiVe force come 'to-get-her' to bring into creation, somethinG theY will both LOVE more than themSelveS, ... in a leSS SavAGE WorLD ??

COmmON to both genders, "m-a-l-e" = 13+1+12+5 =
13+13+5 = 26/Z+5/E = 31 = the sUm of leVel 9 of the diaMONd (so is 13).  Fe, of female = 6+5 = 11/DiVine COupLE, so 'female' = 31+11 = 42/Jupiter Love, and the sUm of the bOTTOm thrEE leVels of the diaMONd, = 6/feel LOVE.

wHat iS imPortaNT aboUt 13 ??
... its aScenSion, bAbY ))  

EVEryONE is at leaST a 5 (five SenSeS, dIGItS on each hand and fOOt, HOleS in OUR HeadS), and WE ALL C-a-me from ONE, so, 5+1 = 6 ... and OUR ceNTer PoiNT iS 7+6 = 13 ... feelinG confused ?? -))
Maybe thESE will helP:

... iS it coMinG to YoU k-noW ??
T-hERE iS the Y (entrance) and the 13 ((1+5)+(7)) aGain ...
How aboUt a cloSer lOOk ... wIThIN:
 ... reMEMbeR, 6/F = feelinG LOVE & 19/S = spARK GaP.
ThiS iS tHe tEMpLE withIN and iS PoiNTinG "UP" and totals 5 ... the 5th diMEnSiON ?? ... beYonD ??

So, here WE are, SomE interestinG StuFF ... but, is t-hERE anY INsIGHt Here, anYthinG valuable ??

DiD YoU NOtiCe soMEthINg SPeCiAL iN thiS PiCtUrE ??
... t-here was an earlier hint ))

... or, more clearly in this one ??
... let me give you a hint ))
... and, BEcaUSe this is about refleCtionS (seeing thinGs as tHeY are , not as WE'd like them to be), lets tUrn it aRoUnd:
... iS t-hERE any PreCEdeNT FOr this ??
lOOk aGaIN, at b-lockS 6 and 7, look FAmILIar  ??
... What does it meAN ??
LOVE is a ZERO PoiNT InneR-G DeViCe !!
... and, it is COntROlled bY YoU = FOr YoU ... 
WitH coNScioUSness ))
... and this idEa caME to me alSO ))
... WE sIt in the driVerS Seat, wHen WE aRe awaRe of thiS MOmeNT, as it IS !!

The diFFerENce betWEen an 8 and an S, is prettY obVIoUS (spARK GaP)) ... so, what is nOt inStantlY obVioUS ?? ... the numeriCal diFFerENce is 19-8 = 11, wHicH is leVel 2 OF the orIGInal diaMONd, and leVel 1 of the nEw diaMONd )) 
leVel 2+ leVel 1 = 3/TRInitY, sEE the LOVE and/or, 
21 = U = YOU 
mY HYpothesizinG SaYS that, WE are alwaYS aCCeSSinG OUR SuPerNAtUraL PoWErS wHen WE MakE choiCeS = InneR-G of INfINiTE LOVE, flOOdinG in FrOm aCroSS tHe spARK GaP ))

ob-SERVE-ABLE = VerIFI-able
"... these PoWErS demand self mastery as the prelude to any positive application of their ForCe." -doG TEoP

IF WE can't FLY ... ??
WE are not DEtermINed enouGH YET !!!
Not that LOVE is about SuPer NatUraL PoWEerS ...
LOVE it self is SuPer NatUraL !!

"Like I have said, over and over; you are in a movie. You are in a real life play that could well be defined in the words of The Bard, “All the world’s a stage... etc”. The proper course of action for you is to play the part you wish to be identified with. Do not play a role for which you are not suited and to which you cannot give your whole heart. It won’t be convincing and it won’t be successful. You have to discover who you are and play it to the hilt. You’ve got to offload that Star Wars defense system, because it won’t protect you now. You have to go for authenticity and you will find that something is going to authenticate you. There are a lot of invisible beings running around with metaphorical rubber stamps and they are stamping people, according to the sum total of what they’ve become, in the follow-up to the grand resolution.

Time is running short for epiphanies and smack-downs on the road to Damascus. It is correctly presumable that most people will just go right on as they have, because awakening from the dream was never a part of their program. They’re into the dream fulfillment/dream disappointment spectrum and the idea that there could actually be a reality that supersedes everything they’ve determined is real is... too much to process. It’s acceptable on the movie screen where the most implausible and impossible events are routinely taken as real but it’s not acceptable in real life, when life decides to become real. It’s a conundrum fer sure.

We’re in the ‘any minute now’ phase of the operation, so I suspect, as I am fond of saying, there is no better time than now. Now is the only place where anything ever happens, on either ends of it lie only echoes in the one direction and wishful thinking in the other."

Ok, thiS nEXt bIt, iS jUSt to sHOw YoU HOw VerIFiABLE thiS coDE iS ... for soMEthINg a bit RANdoM ))

i stARtED to brEAK DOwn the fOLLOwinG video (due to the lenGHt OF tHe PreVioUS IDea, aND tHE PreVelanCe of tHE tHEme, i'LL PaSS TOday), to illUStrate mY PersPective ... to Paint the ONE thIN-G.  i chOSe thiS sonG U-sinG onlY twO criTEria, title = theme releVance + PoP-U-laritY (= cons-U-mP-ti-on c-aPa-citY) ... any s-on-G (art work) by any band (ARTisT) fillinG these two criteria (or not, the InneR-G iS COmiNG Out reGarDLeSS), will autoMa-tI-C-all-Y conveY the sAme PrinciPal messaGe ...

WE are Hu-Man !!! ... and WE ALL haVe the tools needed to "realize OUR DiVinitY".  ALL artistic exPressions of LOVE, wiLL aCt as autoMatic cATA-l-Ysts for US to see/3-feel/6-BE Love/9 and the necessary 'steps' needed to Grow in IT.

FinGer el-EVE-n (DiVine CoUPle)
"oNe thi-NG" ... wH-Y WE ARe H-eRe ??

... and finALLY, thiS will BE out in thEATers sOOn, noTIce that pot 3 and 4 have no wORds (HoneY = H-ONE-Y = HuNNY, Pooh stYle) on them, 3+4 = 7 !!
PS ... WiNNiE = 74 = JEsUS
 ... any doubts ??
 It shouldn’t be such a big surprise that Love is the supreme engine of life and the most valuable possession in the world. The difficulty with love as an object of desire is that it requires sacrifice to reach the places of greatest power and mystery. You definitely have to pay for it. Of course, if you didn’t pay for it you wouldn’t have the capacity to contain and operate it in any case; not on the most desirable levels. The thing is, you pay for everything, no matter what it is.
 i hope this helps ? -)

a GrebBear

PeaCe LOVE liGHt tRUtH
(- ;
; -)

ps ... i'd like to thank the doG toEP for beinG a rock of hONEstY ... the WorLD iS a meSS; bUt, He iS SQuEAkY C-leAN, FrOm my PerSPectIVE ))

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