Sunday, July 31, 2011

Its time to FLY !!

First of all ... thank YoU )
... the response from around the globe has been terrific )
and for those of you that don't know, all & any questions can be forwarded + welcomed to:
... with a 'subject' of, FlyINg Ob-je-cT
will always get a response ))

The subject at hand is ONE and ZerO (also referred as OnE inside of OnE = 11 = OnE inside of LovE; be-ca-use, the completed ONE is simply LOVE = without judgment + encourager of life & freewill ... yet, also the promoter of advancement back to OnE)), as in, the underlying energy (InneR-G) that supports everything.  This idea + self revealing (focus on anything, to receive undeniable trUth about IT)) nature, of life 
... well its grown in leaps withIN me ))

i LOVE yOu ... and not only because, you are me )
... but yes, i am you ))

i have found (experienced again & again) the more i give, the more i receive = when i empty my being (tank) in the service (without expectation) of (to + for) others, i am "refilled" with undeniable EXPANSION + JOY + PEACE OF M-IN-D ... so, why would i (WE) take action (apposed to re-action) in any other way ??  Likely, because WE are encOURaged to, from the time WE are b-OR-n (through OUR parents indoctrination, due to acceptance of, no blame, it just IS).  In this, the more WE service OURselves, WE contract ... and thankfully, in KICKs KarmA to teach US OUR error  of belief.

The 'key' to life is observation = liGht can create d-ARK-ness; but, darkness can NOT create liGht ... also, LovE can create fear (lack + loss); but, fear can N-EVE-R create LOVE (two pr-I-me examples).  This simple + ob-serve-able T-rut-H is the basis of my focUS = qualities of ONE ... which leads US back to the diaMONd.
... aGAIN, this is part of the DaVINcI code = the stAIRwAy to 
S-EVE-N = C-enTer-D in VibratioN = withOUT judgment.

Once you completely understand this (the top half is the material realm & the bottom (non-material real-m), InneR-G (= 3/C see LOVE + 6/F feel LOVE + 9/i [2+be = 9] LOVE), 
... create another diaMONd with 12 spaces (12 strand DNA) across the C-enTer ... i will post a 12D + a 13D in the coming days, if universe (events are unfolding quickly NOW) allows.

i believe (due to thinking) "the" DaVINcI code = everything IS LOVE ... that WE are experiencing separation from LOVE, in order to have a 'free will EXPERIENCE' = in order to learn more about LOVE ... see more of this through my parable 'stAIRwAy to SeVeN' in the navigation bar, after the diaMONd.

A-GAIN, thank you all for yOUR patience with me ... i haven't written here due to XYZ (massive integration).  All previous posts are a progression to here, NOW = very worthwhile; despite their awkwardness in revealing this simple truth ... infinity MUST include a simple explanation (energy can NOT be created nor destroyed = all the energy that eve-r was + eve-r will be MUST BE HERE NOW !!), or, it would NOT be infinite ))

Please leave comments ... and more importantly questions, others are likely to have similar questions.  i don't have answers, only a perspective of/in service to/for YoU ... if you ask questions, WE both gROw in finding the answers.

Last two thoughts, first = the k-IN-G-do-M of heAVen is withIN, so all wORd-s (in relationship to the diaMONd, 9D ... shown above), can further reveal their InneR-G meaning by building a 
/py//R///a\\\M\\id\ (= /41//18///1\\\13\\13\) from the c-enTer out.
((41=the 13th PrimE, 59=the 17th PrimE, and 13=the 6th PrimE ... 86/2=43=the 14th PrimE))
PyramiD can also be (keep in MinD WE are discussing infinity = infinite interpretations)), A in R+M in Y+I in P+D (= 1 in 31 in 34 in 20) or ONE in 85 (8+5=13=ascension), 85= 5/human X 17 (17= 8-1-8, w-here the 1=the 9th number) and 17=the 7th Pr-I-mE number. Second, primes are the foundation of C-enter (C = see) ... why ??
... because, when WE 'open' the zero UP, to create a beginning and an end and thus forming a OnE (str-ai-ght line, rEd LinE) a positive + a negative reflection appears within the focal parabola, t-here are 'InneR-GetiC' 'PrimE' gaps seen in between, along the ZerO // X ((L-IN-E)).  The gaps 'are' pr-I-me numbers = the unmovable foundations of LOVE )) ... more visually represented here in the black gaps on the ZerO // X (c-enTer-d) LinE: ... making primes, specific harmonics, ... maybe ))
i hope this post brings YoU up to speed, FOR NOW ; -))
... much more to come, its time to F-l-Y !!
... humanity needs US, NOW.

a GrebBEaR

PeaCe LOVE liGht tRUtH
(- ;
; -)


  1. oh, everything is so...complicated :D
    but You have beautiful picture up :))

  2. Hello I am very happy I found this site! Thank you so much for sharing! Soon many will visit here to learn... keep up the work of the light!
    I am very proud of you!