Saturday, January 7, 2012

Unifying flying Object ))

LayEreD with-IN (Ob-serve-ablE) real-it-Y ...
the AnsweR to every QuesT-i-ON ...
= Unifying flying Object
= U-F-O ))

K-nOw-tHy-s(elf) =  the GatE-WaY ... 
to the K-in-G-do-M of hEavEn with-IN !! -))

HappY NeW YeaR !!!
... are you BEcoME-in-G Spirit-u-all-Y AwakeneD ??

This is going to be OUR YeaR !! -))

To BEgIN ...
This is a very difficult time to BE, aLIVE ... for some, for ALL ? -)
...(if & when)...
WE are attached to either side (polarized) of OUR living duality ??
That is, attached to the 'material' or attached to the 'NoN-material'.
WE are BotH = living InneR-G = ConsciousnesS in Mo-ti-oN ))

HoW do WE live a purposeFULL life withOUT attachment ?
 ... stop K-no-W-in-G.

OUR lives unfold only in "this moMEnt", riGht ? -)
MaKING everything WE k-now, (ONLY) a less-ON from the past.
IF & WHEN ... WE say, "i k-now
WhaT WE are truly saying is ... "i choose to LimiT my understanding of reality ... and, anything beyond my k-now-in-g will have (whether WE understand this or NOT) a 'difficult time' reaching me".

A simple solution to this ... never say, "i k-now ))
... try saying, "mAy-BE" )) 
... O-bsErv-in-G tHe diff er ence  in SensatioN
... and, All-waYs leave rOOm fOr the MaGiC of LOVE ! -))

UnderstanD that ALL foRms of enERgy (InneR-G), are simply aspects of the 'Ulti-matE S-OUR-CE', the ANU, the DivinE ... 
= conscious + living + INfiniTE LOVE !! -)) 
...a HeArT, EartH's MagnetiC field, "when a TornadO mEEt-in-G a VolcanO" ))
(side note:)
HoW & WhY can everything be held together with INfiniTE LOVE, when t-here is 'so much' misery and suffering in OUR experience ?? 
SimplE, ... INfiniTE by definition, includes everything !! 
Making LifE at this leVel of creation ... an experience of contrast,

... to learn 'more' about LovE, 
and about "I-T-S" int-eg-ral roll in OUR ExpEriEncE ! -)

WE are here + NoW experiencing (the OptioN of a)'limited life', to l-earn more about LOVE.  WE understand OUR senses are limited (a sliver, of a spectrum); for example, a dOg has a stronger sense of smell and an eaGle can see farther ... so every time WE believe, think, or say, "i k-now" ... WE are both, speculating & limiting OUR experience, by dis-count-in-G the INfiniTE nature of reality, AS IT IS.

This br-in-gs US back to NOW ... 
WE are traveling INTO the spiral = down the raBBit w-HOLE
... w-here t-here is (seems to be) no longer rOOm for NON-extremes 
... from 1997 to the present follows a self-compressing spiral 
... Cosmic Pattern Recognition - Part III
... spiraling INto (& with, if WE choose) the SupeR WavE, the R-in-G
... the SupeR WavE is (maybe ?) a (Phot(O)N) WavE 

i'm here toDay telling YoU ...
"WE are about to BEcoME InsTanT (or nearly so) maniFEster's !!"
HoW comfortable are WE ... to BE fuLLy awakened ??
... withIN OUR oWn DrEaM ?
... ArE WE fiLLed with PeacE of mINd ?
... withIN OUR imagination, of OURselves ))

WE are SeeDs, of INfiniTE PoteNtiaL !
DiVInE CreATorS of LiGhT !!

... but, WE have bEEn 'st-U-ck' in O-U-R oWn reALIty tunnels (

"... if WE're willing to listen ?"
NoW obviously 'YoU' are ... or, YoU wouldn't be reading these words )
... but, don't listen to me, unless 'i' resonate with YoU )

"We can all see how other people's BS (belief system or bullshit ! -) makes them "blind and stupid" at times, but we find it very hard to notice how our own BS ... is doing the same to us. This is what anthropologists call 'acculturalization.' Following Gurdjieff, I prefer to call it hypNOsis ... Every politician knows how to induce hypNOsis, and very damned few people on the whole planet know how to de-hypNoTize themselves. The world is not governed by facts or loGic. It is governed by BS (belief systems, supporting broken systems)."
-RoberT AnToN WilsoN

LifE, a BeautifuL (and sometimes, terrible) meT'AP'Hor  
... free y-OUR mINd ...
INfiniTE LOVE streTched in ALL direCTions of PerspectivE
INclUdiNG inTO the DarkNESS ... lOOking for OUR DO-n-KEY ))
... maybe ? -)

Cleansing OUR perspective ... of programing that no longer works.
... make the GrasS GreeN aGAIN )
 ExpanD, GroW ... ConsciousnesS
NO more 'conditioning', only choice(s) of perspective, AS it IS

... VerY S-OO-N NoW ...
WE will ALL under-stand ... standing BEnEaTH, REmemberED
RaTHeR than on top of, ForGoTteN

SiLeNcE is to M-us-i-C ...
Sp-A-cE is to Plan-ET-ary L-if-E ...
INf-IN-iTE is to En(er)gY ...
ZerO is to nUmBeRs ...
((... this isn't complete; but, U cAn C ... i'm sure))
... click to see larger view, maybe )
T-here are only 9 numbers (eg. 9+1 = 10 = 1+0 = 1)
... all supported by "the ZerO" (top left of image)
or, 9 numbers evenly placed around "the ZerO" (top riGht)
ALL the math wORk is using 'addition', or, as in the top riGht 
... a difference betWeen numBers (eg. 7<>2 = 5 [material=both blAck & blue numbers], 9<>3 = [6][non-material=red)
ThE GreeN area (top riGht) is tHe 'doubling circuit [experience=green]
= 1+1=2+2=4+4=8+8=16(1+6=7)+16=32(3+2=5)+32=64 (8X8)
((side note ... ZerO (26+5+18+15) = 64, also))
... noTIce this number pattern =
1<>2<>4<>8<>7<>5 ... in white, down the riGht of the diaMONd
... then the pattern beGin's to repeat, 1<>2<>4, where the 4 (hiGhliGhted in blue), being the C-enTer 'note' for this progression (9 LeVeLs, a st-AIR-wAy to S-eVe-N) ... so, with thoughts of equality and balance, create a 12 LeVeL diaMONd (two 'laps', =124875<><>124875) ... an INsiGht to 12 strand DNA.  NoticE also, LeVeL 9 totals 31 (the el-ev-en-th PrimE), as does MateriaL (1+5+7=) 13+18 (=3+6+9) NoN-MateriaL from the previous picture, mid-riGht ))

ThE point of this explanation ... an under-stand-in-G ))
... of "the ZerO Po-i-nT" ))

BE BravE my friends, ... beautiful "other" me's ))
BE deTEr-mINed ... reality AS it IS = only sensations !!
... only VibrationS ))
... pure eXisTenCe  ! -)

NO 'gOOd' + NO 'bAd' =  ...


Pe-A-cE LOVE liGht TrutH
(- ;
; -)